Student Policy

Service Charges

  • Iqra Tutors do not have any service charges for Student/Parent

Female Tutor Security

  • In case of female tutor requirement, we’ve to verify that you’re real/authentic person/Student or parent so that female tutor is safe. We suggest you 03 methods as follows.
  • A visiting officer will visit to your home and note down all the details about students (Address, Guardian name, CNIC No, no of students, class, subjects etc…) in case of home tuition only.
  • Create a short introduction video of students and send it to us via whatsapp/email.
  • Make avideo call to our officer and introduce to all students one by one.

 Fee Criteria
  • Tuition fee is negotiated between Tutor and Student/Parent after or before FREE trial classes depending upon Tutor’s knowledge of subject, experience & Travelling (only for home tuition) and number of days & time etc.


Tuition Confirmation

  • It is sole responsibility of Parent/Student to inform Academy if the Tuition is confirmed with Tutor and send the following details to Academy’s Manager WhatsApp/SMS. 
  • Academy will not be responsible for any misunderstanding between Tutor and Student/Parent.
  • Tutor’s name
  • Fee
  • Days/Time
  • Joining date.

 Fee Submission
  • It is highly recommended to submit 1st month fee (in advance) to Academy’s Bank Account / EasyPaisa / JazzCash.
  • Academy will collect the first month of fee in advance within 07 days when tuition will be finalized.
  • We request you please do not pay the first month of the fee directly to the tutor until allocation.
  • Fee From 2nd month onwards will be directly collected by the tutor but only in the middle or end of the month, counting from joining date.
  • Parent/student advised to Keep the tutor’s self-esteem in mind and please note these things.
  • Do not abuse the tutor in any form.
  • Keep vigilant eye on tutor and student properly in home tuition.
  • Make an immediate complaint if the performance of the tutor is unsatisfactory or in case of any issue.
  • If  the tutor is not punctual or committed, parents are advised to delay the fee payment and inform Iqra Tutors
  • If  you’ve any problem with tutor contact us Asap and tutor will be replaced.
  • Complaint can be submitted via feedback form and Official WhatsApp Number.



  • Parent/Student are advised to ask the tutor for a photocopy of CNIC for security reasons.
  • Fix the tutor’s timing, inform the concern person who’s at the home on that time and security guard as well and cross check the tutor activity properly.
  • Verification
  • Parent/Student can check tutor’s mentioned degrees on resume and ask for copies as well for quality maintenance and verification as well.


Academy’s Rights


  • Dear Student/Parent! Tutors are registered with us under an agreement according to which we cooperate with them, So please we request to you cooperate with us according to policy and note our rights.
  • We’ll demand rights from you when teachers violate their agreement.
  • Tutor can be replaced at any stage and alternate tutor will be referred.
  • Academy can delay, hold and self-collect the tutor fee anytime.


Reviews | Feedback


  • Student/Parent advised to cooperate with our feedback officer at the time of monthly feedback call about tutor.
  • Please share your precious reviews | Feedback about our service on our social media platforms and like /Follow us.
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